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Faruk Investment Group was founded in 2008 by the well-known
entrepreneur Mr. Faruk Mustafa Rasool whom his business journey
started back in the 1970’s.
Faruk Investment Group has companies operating in 10 sectors:
• Cement Industry • Telecommunication and Technology
• Medical Services • Hospitality and Leisure
• Waste Treatment • Construction
• Real Estate • Financial Services
• Insurance • Manufacturing
Currently Faruk Investment Group comprises of 20 operating companies


  • Faruk medical city and aster healthcare: introducing liver transplant surgery in kurdistan and iraq for the first time

    Tuesday / September 5 / 2023
  • Faruk Investment Group is redefining luxury living with its prestigious project, Baran Complex.

    Sunday / August 20 / 2023
  • Faruk Medical City Launches First American Heart Association-Affiliated Life Support Training Facility in Kurdistan and Iraq

    Sunday / August 20 / 2023
  • Faruk Medical City opened the first life support training site in Kurdistan and Iraq, affiliated with the American Heart Association (AHA)

    Thursday / August 17 / 2023
  • Asia Air: A new direction towards travel and tourism in Iraq

    Wednesday / August 16 / 2023
  • Faruk Mustafa Rasool Underpass Project in Sulaymaniyah

    Monday / July 3 / 2023
  • Aster DM Healthcare Group and Faruk Medical City have signed a contract

    Saturday / January 7 / 2023
  • The torch has been lit of the latest Faruk Holding project.

    Saturday / May 7 / 2016
  • The Prime Minister of Kurdistan visits Faruk Medical City

    Tuesday / May 19 / 2015
  • Faruk Mustafa Rasool donates over $2 million to 'Ranji Shahidan' Peshmerga Campaign

    Monday / May 4 / 2015

About Us

Our Core Values

Our Values

  • Integrity

    Integrity is one of the core pillars of our company and central to the way in which we conduct business and interact with people. Customers, suppliers, employees, and the community as a whole are treated with respect and the highest ethical standards.

  • Credibility

    We have earned and maintained our trusted reputation among our stakeholders by being true to our word and by delivering what we promise.

  • Delegation

    A horizontal leadership system, a strong belief in teamwork, openness to positive suggestions , constructive criticism , delegation of power , and responsibilities are the stepping stones to our success.

  • Excellence

    We are dedicated to excellent, high-quality service aimed at succeeding and exceeding customer expectations. 

  • Responsibility

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is founded on respect for human rights and equality of opportunity. We believe in meritocracy in the workplace and in making a positive impact on the community.

Our Vision and Purpose

  • FIG Vision 

    To actively contribute in leading towards a more prosperous and self-sufficient nation tomorrow.

  • FIG Mission 

    To create a positive and optimistic business environment that paves the way to a modern and dynamic Iraq with a brighter future.

  • Organization 

    See Organization Chart to find out more about our companies.

    View Organization Chart

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Furkh Bulding

Faruk Holding Building
Salim Street PO Box 157 
Sulaimani, Kurdistan, Iraq

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